all hail microstation

things are looking up, CAD is my new best friend. it took me about 2 hours to draft some plans on the computer that it would normally take me like 10 hours by hand. its amazing that i learned CAD like years ago and haven't touched it again till now. duh, what have i been doing for the last year and half! the next several days i'll be using my four hour plane rides to chicago and 5 hour drives to st.louis to knock out these sections etc.

ahhh, the split personality end of the year frenzy/reflection has begun.

i might try to come up with something for the call for artists for this afrofuturism (defined as: the study of the impact of technology on the physical social and spiritual lives of black people) show at the soap factory through obsidian arts that amanda forwarded. maybe it'll be a nice way to end the year by doing something imaginative and "out there".



subRosa is a cyberfeminist cell of artists and activists based in several US cities that “combines art, activism, and politics to explore and critique the effects of the intersections of the new information and biotechnologies on women’s bodies, lives, and work.” In this essay, subRosa tracks the state of current cyberfeminist activity and dialogue at a historical moment when information and communication technology has asserted itself as a dominant catalyst of the capitalist system, presenting new challenges for 21st-century feminist theorists and practitioners.


the center for urban pedagogy

i'll have to check this out when i get a moment to breathe...