new role

so, in the way of updates, I should mention that Monday I am beginning a new position, managing all of the architecture, construction, and agriculture education programs in the chicago public schools office of high school programs education to careers department. I am pretty bummed about leaving the classroom because of my rockstar students. However, I am pretty friggin ecstatic about being able to impact all of the programs city-wide.


All high school design competition

Project Osmosis Design competition more here: Osmosis Mentoring Initiative

looking for architectural educators


The Chicago Public School System is trying to identify candidates for teaching positions at the high school level. If you or anyone you know is interested, please contact me by email (yamanihernandez@yahoo.com) with a resume (so I can pass it on), or questions about salary and other details. Some of which include a 6.5 hour work day, competitive benefits (including pension),summers off, and of course school holidays in addition to sick and personal days + an exciting curriculum which is getting national recognition. It is important to find people with architectural education and work experience. These positions are especially critical in reaching students of color and inspiring them to pursue architectural education at the post-secondary level and eventually the profession....and closing the gap of representation in the field. i look forward to hearing from you.
candidates must have 2000hrs of relevant work experience to qualify for the the required type 34 provisional certification.