"hand in glove"

right up my alley. don't mind if i do...register that is.

"Join threewalls for a national convergence of artists and independent organizers working at the crossroads of creative administration and studio practice. This four-day event includes the Hand-in-Glove Conference on grassroots creative activity and innovative organizing models across the country and the release of PHONEBOOK 3, a directory of independent art spaces, programming, and projects throughout the United States and a collection of critical essays written by the people who run them." more here


mapping the space of desire

ok, i am admittedly behind on my creative work...i guess thats what happens when you dip off to indonesia for a month after residency. but i am also newly inspired. hope to be making and posting several things i've *started* over the next few weeks. but i *am* reading and on pace with the academic portion of things. just ran across this little diddy
from one of my mentors jeff hou from UW. *really* excited to get inside and read: mapping the space of desire:brothel as a city landmark by yung-teen annie chiu. went to a sex-worker film fest here in chicago which was *awesome* and made me think in complex ways about my work and the intermingling/layering of issues. anyhoo hopefully i'll be actually *posting* some mapping exercises as such as well.we'll see. gotta secure an artist mentor asap. so far asked 2 ppl and folks are super slow to respond. as in they haven't. sigh. not getting discouraged. got 4 months still till residency 2.