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*not* related to my blog topic at ALL.
but pure genius i think.
something i rather immensely enjoy and think others should/would too.

afrigadget:::solving everyday problems with african ingenuity.

um, how cool is THIS. defnitely check the 3yrs of archives.

this reminds me that for some time now, i have wanted to start documenting the ingenious inventions i have seen domestically in urban communities where i've lived and where people had no other choice but to 'DIY'. i'm gonna start doing that here (at some point..lol)


converge/exchange. what communities, activists, and practitioners can teach eachother: a chicago dialogue

not. sure. HOW i didn't know about this. arrgh. what email distribution am i NOT on? i'm on CAF, i'm on LISC's new communities, i'm ON ACD (association of community design)...what the hell. it appears it was EVERYWHERE but on my radar. anyway...last night i would have needed a sitter for sure, and today what was i mired in? total mandatory bureacratic nonsense that has been spiraling out of control for at LEAST a year...trying to plead my case for constituent/community based planning for transforming our program delivery to people who think i'm a radical idealist or something. someone...PLEASE come save me. no, seriously. the writing is on the wall. stick a fork in me. i'm DONE.


Design Advocacy...


The Green Energy Education Act would provide grants for university programs that develop curricula on designing and constructing high performance buildings. Special priority would be given to design, architecture, landscape architecture, and planning programs.

I gotta get more hooked into these legislative things that are happening that impact my work...or what I WANT to be my work =).

Here's another one I saw designed to improve the ability of some small communities to coordinate with universities and design professionals in developing a vision to address their local needs.

Who knew ASLA was so on top of Advocacy...KUDOS! I gotta probe the AIA site and see what they are on in this regard.



so...my online personality is SOOOOO much better than my in person one, but if you're in chicago...you should TOTALLY check out Pecha Kucha Vol.8!!! i'm cohosting with Peter Exley of architecture is fun (who's wit and outfits are NOT to be missed). I can hardly believe its Volume 8 already. I presented at Volume 1, the inaugural chicago incarnation of this international event...it rocks my world...and i think it will rock yours too. Come see me do my thizzle...oh and the rest of the folks too = )

Beat the economy doldrums by networking with a few hundred of Chicago's most interesting creative individuals. You might meet the person who will give you your big break, or perhaps you and a friend will be inspired to germinate the idea that makes you your first (or second) million. Who knows what will happen at PechaKucha Night (if you were at Volume 7, you know what we mean!). Just to round it off, Marytrs' always has a $2.50 beer special too. Chicago’s Volume 8 on March 3rd features 6 minutes and 40 seconds seconds each of architect Dan Wheeler, School of the Art Institute President and architect Duke Reiter, 3rd generation musician Miles Nielsen of Rockford, recent Harrington College of Design graduate Beth DeBonis, artists Jesse Seay of Chicago and Dan Rybicky of Gary, IN, cartographer Dennis McClendon, game programmer and Columbia College faculty member Theresa Devine, designer and educator Anne Wells, landscape architect Peter Osler, and Rujanee Mahakanjana whose film on architecture, “Man and His Erections”, recently premiered at the Gene Siskel Film Center. Architects and educators Peter Exley and Yamani Hernandez will emcee the evening.

PechaKucha Night Chicago presents Volume 8 March 3rd, 2009 at 8:00pm at Martyrs’, 3855 N Lincoln Avenue, Chicago Advance ticket purchase recommended. Tickets $10 (21 and over only). Charge by phone at (800) 594-8499 or via the internet here.