Student Green Build!

So, I've been breaking my back all summer putting together a student built green affordable home building program...that was appproved by the board of education yesterday.

Designed by one of my favorite firms, Landon Bone Baker Architects...features a solar chimney, SIP panels, green roof, etc. (disclaimer: this silly collage with crooked bungalow above is my quick and dirty work not theirs =)...just wanted to show their building in context!)more/better renderings to follow =).

Scheduled to be Built by high school seniors from 5 different high schools under the guidance of their building trades teachers, general contractor and carpenters union. They will get OSHA certification, and 6 college credits from Wright College's environmental technology program through enrollment in a satellite after-school course at their high-schools. so many more details and logistics to plan...so little time....but the beauty is that it is actually happening.

Scheduled to be a part of Chicago's "CPAN" program (Partnership for Affordable Neighborhoods)

Sponsored by ComEd, IL Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO), the Carpenters Union and US! (Chicago Public Schools).