eco-launch HS sustainability program

looks like a cool program for HS students to learn about sustainability from a VERY cool organization foresight design inititiative...described as: "...seeking to improve and sustain the quality of life in the urban environment through smart design, without sacrificing the needs of future generations. Embracing strategies that engage design practitioners, government agencies, the business and non-profit communities, and the public, Foresight collaborates to develop and empower initiatives, build community support and engender a positive human evolution."

HOWEVER (comma)...why on EARTH does it come with a 1200.00 price tag?!? (for 3 weeks!)

alternative land uses...

I'm always excited to see productive uses of land in my struggling neighborhood of Lawndale. One such use is the Chicago Botanic Garden's "green youth farm" which is literally 2 blocks from my house. this reclaimed site engages young people in food production and provides a source of fresh produce in a neighborhood which is very close to being a food desert.

another exciting thing just up the street from me is a cool bee-keeping operation resulting in "beeline products" a little video coverage called "sweet beginnings"here.

I'm all about social entrepreneurship. so you should know that the purchase of each beelineĀ® product helps people facing significant barriers to employment, particularly those with histories of criminal conviction. With your purchase you provide viable opportunities for individuals to establish a work history, learn productive work habits, and gain marketable skills. Your investment builds stepping stones toward employment, career advancement, and productive membership in society

Open Architecture Competition

There are a couple of design firms partnering with some of my schools to work with students on Architecture For Humanity's Open Architecture Challenge to design a sustainable classroom. Gensler is working with Clemente HS (where i taught for 3 months! yay) and IDEO is keeping a blog to track the progress of their work on this competition with Juarez High School. i'm excited to see what they come up with for the June 1 deadline...will post pics as i see them!


Students Build Model Green Home

I'm like the little engine that could, trying to make the same thing happen in chicago (fingers crossed breaking ground in June----with all the delays---sigh).

but check out these students in virginia did here

Eventually, the scale-model house will go on display at parks, fairs and other public sites to serve as a lesson on environmentally friendly building. For now, as it sits in a school garage growing more complete by the day, it's an example of what can happen when students combine strengths.

Ours, will not just be a model...but be a functioning building for purchase =).