back date...

if i knew how, i'd back date this for 7.24 which is when i intended to post it:

So I was at a benefit for Project Osmosis (youth design mentorship) on Friday night...where two exciting things happened. A) my hubby got an award...yay! and B) Vincent Paglione dean at UIC got an award and in his speech said something that hit home with me and i wish i heard a lot more often.

he said that the biggest, hottest issues of our time are sustainability and within that natural resources management. he went on to say that what is often neglected within those conversations, design or ecological is that people are integral to sustaining life on earth and YOUTH are our one of our biggest natural resources. nuff said. it was one of those "he had me at hello" moments. i'm always trying to justify why i do the work that i do...why its important and how it fits into these current issues within the design, community development and sustainability conversations. and there it is. sustainability is about preservation and ensuring life for future generations. what better way to ensure that than honoring, empowering and cultivating youth leadership...in design, in the environment...in everything.