ummmm, thesis is hereby WHOOPING my ass. running behind and needing to finish early...well...they just don't mix. that is all.


The Journal of Aesthetics and Protest

interesting pub check out the current issue.

amphibious houses

a link sent by a friend re: ideas for building in areas where flooding is probable. like in new orleans...


2 off cycle rose fellowships

one in new mexico (starting in nov) and one in san fran.(starting in dec) 3yr committment 40K each yr., + using architecture to serve those who need it most. check it out


aesthetic occupations

interesting. check out in the field "exploring social constellations around urban land use issues". man, gotta get back to the chi...hopefully i can interview ava bromberg from this org.

they were featured in the book belltown paradise and are affiliated with mess hall which i think is also affiliated with the center for urban pedagogy which i believe i blogged about a year ago.

Operation Eden

"A personal chronicle of what hurricane Katrina has done to poor proud people."

digital drawing day two

we were supposed to "paint" a portrait of ourselves in a sequence of motion...i think this is the largest i can post this b/c of the length but i think if you click you can see it bigger.


Toronto Artscape

salty i couldn't vamp out to this conference last weekend =(.

artscape is a non-profit organization engaged in real estate and program development for the arts and creative sector. Areas of specialized expertise include: property management, master planning, development of arts districts, creation and management of multi-tenant arts centres, engagement of stakeholders in creative cluster projects, and research on monitoring the impact of arts-driven revitalization projects.

i like what they do. check it out.


assignment one

1st stab at drawing with a tablet. for the digital drawing class. fun fun fun!!! i'm hooked! no jokes about my monstrous eyes! its hard to control that little stylus! i'm proud of my little first try. i will scan the manual pencil portrait which was for the arch. illustration class tomorrow. when they are both due.


you've probably seen this in this months Dwell mag, it was built entirely of salvaged materials collected from around san fran for for world environment day 2005. i'm thinking its more sorely needed thesis material =)



school has begun. its pretty empowering to know that this is my LAST year. besides burying myself in my thesis this quarter. i'm taking two exciting drawing classes in the arch dept. one is architectural illustration. and the other is drawing in the digital realm. the teacher is Anne Hayden Stevens check out her link, her work seems cool.