in 2006

perhaps off blog topic but mindboggling none the less. yesterday while walking from the parking lot of an oak park sherwin williams to the store in order to get some spray paint...baby in tow and holding my other son's hand...a car of guys drove by and one yelled, "you 16yr old nigger mother!" and sped off. wow. its 2006. wtf.


blender bike tomorrow

laurie palmer is bringing the blender bike tomorrow...and then we are headed to redmoon's balloon man spectacle in millenium park. the summer art project has been a bit of a roller coaster so i'm hoping that it will be an exciting and positive start to the week...especially since i'm coming off an extremely emotional weekend in st.louis for the death of my grandfather. a man with a lot of heart who will be sorely missed.


lead pencil studio

does it again info cortesy of AB


Future AIA President Discusses Race and Architecture



if you're looking for some good charitable events to attend here's a couple i'm headed to this week...

Wednesday July 12 Jewels in July for archi-treasures at Garfield Conservatory.6-10pm

"...amid the lush greenery of Horticultural Hall at the Garfield Park Conservatory. Sip jeweled martinis in the Monet Garden, sway to the rhythms of Le Bands Sans Fin, sample delicious fare from Chicago’s emerging chefs, and indulge in a silent auction showcasing art, dinners, theatre tickets and more. Join us as we reminisce, embrace, and look toward another ten years of [design based] community building"

Friday July 14th Osmosis Mentoring Initiative at little black pearl art and design center.



this is the wind turbine and solar panel inspiring our public art work @ humboldt park

and this is an example of the journals we made out of recycled materials with the youth in the program this week.

For this week, we are starting off with the story of the Lorax, visiting the library and having them uncover definitions to sustainable concepts and asking them to develop stories around them, we are showing andy goldsworthy rivers and tides video, participating in the you are beautful installation project and creating mobiles out of found/collected materials to install as an art walk tour of humboldt.


Urban Sustainable Design Studio--Summer 2006

darnit missed it for this summer but i'll definitely be trying to check this out this Urban Sustainable Design Studio for next summer.



"What happens in an exhibition where the traditional boundaries—between art and activism, theory and practice, origin and diaspora, science and aesthetics—are not an organizational theme, but a point of departure? Imagine a space that takes us beyond the “in-between” and toward the generation and practice of viable integrations of art, history, math, science, theory, practice and activism. We seek submissions of visual and performance-based work that complicates, negates, exceeds, or reflects the gray areas between and within academic disciplines, theoretical models, and methods of creative production. Submissions from a variety of disciplines and areas of study/practice are encouraged. The exhibition will be an integral part of the TRANS Visual Culture Conference at the UW-Madison in October 2006. See http://www.visualculture.wisc.edu/Conference/call.htm for submission directions and complete exhibition description. Direct any questions to visualculture@education.wisc.edu" DUE 8/15