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grant opportunity for architecture education. more here:American Architectural Foundation

jane jacobs fellowship which has been well circulated but still...Jane Jacobs Fellowship opportunity in New Orleans:

Inaugural fellowship will place a young architect within a non-profit agency to assist community residents. The Center for the Living City at Purchase College, in collaboration with ACORN Housing Corporation, Deutsche Bank, Pratt Institute Center for Community and Economic Development, Pratt Institute School of Architecture and The Center for Architecture Foundation, is seeking applicants for a one-year architectural fellowship in New Orleans. The fellowship is the first in an ongoing Jane Jacobs Fellowship Program of the Center. Fellowships will be created for individuals to engage city building processes of critical importance in maintaining or regaining the strength of cities. Fellowships will occur across disciplines and will address the complex, interconnected problems facing cities around the world. Established in 2005 in collaboration with the late Jane Jacobs, the Center for the Living City develops symposia, exhibitions, training programs, fellowships, internships, workshops and publications that approach city building issues using thoughtful, collaborative, participatory and transdisciplinary processes. Interested applicants must be graduates of an accredited architecture program and possess at minimum a professional degree in Architecture.If not already a resident, the successful applicant will need to relocate to New Orleans for a minimum of one year and be prepared to begin the fellowship within 30 days of selection.

The fellowship provides a salary of $40,000, plus benefits. Applications are due November 13, 2006. For further information and to request an application, please send an e-mail to Stephen Goldsmith at stgoldsmith@gmail.com.


this weekend

i attempt to emerge from under my rock...

-Place Matters conference in Seattle (exhibiting thesis work)

-Critical Practices in a Globalizing World (also in seattle) David Adjaye's on the ticket so i'm guessing its gonna be good.

frantically cramming to get in my app. for a 50K grant from the Education to Careers Department at Chicago Public Schools for a project my principal suggested...Redesigning the school library. I'm hoping to have my 'advanced' students work on this and get employed this summer doing the build out of the space.

more about my rock:
97 students (5 classes), most quite delightful, i am always stricken by the depth of some of their personal issues and wish i had more than my 40 minutes of class time per day. the beauracracy of the public system is crazy but the curriculum is exciting, and there is a lot of hope. we've got a great principal. he raised the issue of redesigning the library. this would be an awesome opportunity to involve students in a real-life project. i hope to get them paid this summer to help with the build out of the space. i also got wind of this fairchild challenge thing through the chicago botanic gardens...there is a challenge to redesign cafeteria based on LEED standards...which seems like yet another way to make design relevant to their everyday experience. my classes are underenrolled so, i've got to find as many opportunities as possible to attract students to the program.


critical art ensemble

interesting org...