pumped about planning

so...i've recently gotten a fire lit under me about planning...for many reasons. i mean, i've known for a long time even as an architecture student that i was less interested in the object i was designing than the physical and social context in which it was going to be integrated. however lately its been becoming urgent for me.

recently ran across this exhibition and programming "just space(s)" about spatial justice organized by ava bromberg (one of many i interviewed for my thesis). not a term that i knew when i was doing my thesis...but there appears to have been writing on the subject for more than 3 decades...and a good way to frame my work if i can ever fully delve back into it...=(. i've got stuff planned to explore+organize in my 'hood, but btwn F/T work + F/T motherhood the mental space is just...i dunno. cramped.i'm starting to think the only way to really do so it to get into a F/T planning program so...we'll see. don't want to just be doing the 'woulda coulda shoulda' thing 4ever. ya know?

in the meantime, i'm pondering submitting to the UCLA journal "critical planning" and perhaps this spatial justice conference in march.