urban works

i had the priveledge to meet with someone from this amazing firm yesterday. it was pretty cool to talk about a bunch of projects in multiple neighborhoods that i have lived and worked in. i think teaching is still going to be good for the fall...however for doing some work in the summer/s or after teaching runs its course...i was pretty excited to learn about their work, and guiding principles. in the course of my meeting i started to think there is a need for a liason between community organizations and architectural firms...particularly ones that do this type of work. i might look at that kind of work as something to pursue as a consultant. i dunno. i sort of got the impression that the civic blueprint does that kind of work.


BSA Research Grants in Architecture

This program supports original research projects that clearly delineate a proposed research methodology. It encourages projects that investigate the definition of architecture research, as a proposed topic in itself and also in relation to any proposed topic of research. Projects that are not original research and/or that duplicate research already completed or underway will not be funded. We are interested in innovative, practice-based and practice-oriented research that expands the definition of research in the profession and the industry (e.g., research that is genuinely multi-disciplinary, not solely academic, etc.). We encourage proposals that bring together those in practice and in academia, either by including professionals and academics on the project team, providing opportunity to engage students through research studio projects, or by other means of joining research efforts across the field of architecture.

Submissions from anyone interested in supporting and contributing to this expanded knowledge base are encouraged. Grants in amounts up to $10,000 to individuals, collaborative teams or organizations (and up to $2,000 for students) are possible. Up to $10,000 may also be awarded to support research studio projects. We expect to award approximately $75,000 in funds in the 2006 grant cycle. Applicants must currently live in the U.S. to qualify for these grants.


AIA Diversity Committee

The AIA National Diversity Committee is seeking self-nominations from interested parties to serve on the committee for 2007. The AIA National Diversity Committee appointments are made by the 2007 AIA President. Please submit your letter of interest and a copy of your resume/cv to diversity@aia.org no later than July 13,


Teacher Fellowship Program | Intuit: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art

Through lectures, visits with outsider artists, tours of outsider art collections and environments, and access to Intuit's Study Center, teachers gain the necessary background, tools, materials, and information on how to integrate teachings about intuitive and outsider art into their curriculum.
Teacher Fellowship Program | Intuit: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art

i recently accepted a teaching position for the fall for high school architecture. in previous posts, i've written about how the CPS in partnership with the chicago architecture foundation is revamping its old school architectural drafting curriculum for more of a holistic, relevant and sustainable architecture curriculum. i think it is an exciting alternative to working in a firm. i've been on several interviews for firms. this pays more, has a shorter work day, summers and the same school holidays that my children will have off and i get to inspire the next generation of architects...and expand their conception of architecture. incidentally, i think catching people before they get to college is part of reconciling the gross underrepresentation of architects of color. The school has every possible computer program you could imagine so worst case scenario, i'm coming out knowing much more about cad, and 3-d modeling than i ever did because i have to teach it! not to mention it keeps my work neighborhood based and keyed into real life issues. a perfect connection between my past work in youth development and education in design.

anyhoo...this intuit teacher fellowship seems like something that could explore artists and untrained self builders a.k.a. "outsider architecture" too. i think i will apply.

move over mcmansion

read more here about this new trend against monstrous homes.

check out urban typhoon

if you're looking for a participatory design conference in tokyo in a nother week or so.


can't call me doctor, but you could call me master!

it's over baby! defended the thesis:

on june 9. walked june 10th and have a few edits to apply before turning the document.


charter of oppositional architecture

i love that i found out about this (courtesy of andres)...BUT...dont you just hate when you spend a year working on something thats already done? well i shouldn't say "done" i think where my work contributes is in the form of a formal typology for direct action architecture. but still don't you hate when you find out about something super significant, a week before your thesis presentation. yeeaaah i hate that. unfortunately many of these things are found in public art journals and literature than architecture.