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mail from ArchVoices "Ten Reasons to be HopefulAbout the Future of Architecture"By Louis B. Smith Jr., AIA

on another note:

in finishing my final paper for my environmental design on the west coast, though my wicked carpal tunnel (one of the blessed gifts from my pregnancy4yrs ago) has overcome me from all my writing. i am reflecting on how good a class it was. it combined planning, landscape arch. and architecture from pre spanish colonization to present. and we basically had to just write an essay every week summarizing what we learned and what stood out for us and kind of our take on things its amazing how much better one can learn when more of the context is presented. again, i'm such a proponent of interdisciplinary study. and this guy was a great teacher not just b/c he didn't ask us to memorize a hundred million dates and images like every other art and architecture history course i've taken over the years but he attempted to engage us in discussion...a little more seminar-esque. amazingly i think i've retained more from this little 5 weeker than any of those other classes.

in being reminded of how refreshing it is to have a good teacher, i am remembering after our final review this spring one of our prof.s gave us:

Bruce Mau's incomplete manifesto, i just kind of revisited some of them. some of these things aren't neccessarily new, but i thought several good ones to keep in mind. i am kind of thinking about checking out his little alternative design education thing, it would be interesting to compare to archeworks.


Blogger melanie said...

hi i found a sculpture from your blog page through google images, but when i actually went to your blog site, no pics actually appear. I am wondering if you could help me with the artist name and info... It is a public art sculpture that appears to be made of sweeping, curving pipes with negatives spaces filled with orange mesh.. The picture is taken outside an old building and the structure rests on large rocks... thanks... mel

Blogger yamani said...

sarah bonnmaison is the artist/architect there's a link to the piece on my sidebar...


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