from my greenclips newsletter this week, quoting from metropolis this month:

VINYL SIDING WITH A TWIST: ARCHITECTS WRAP HOUSE IN OLD BILLBOARDS In Minneapolis, Wynne Yelland and Paul Neseth of Locus Architecture have designed and built a 2,400-square-foot home with a fa├žade wrapped in billboards that once advertised cars and jeans. Billboards used to be paper-based but are increasingly made of nonrecyclable vinyl. "We see value in things that other people might not, and that plays out in our work," Neseth says. Screened by milky, semitransparent polycarbonate siding, the billboard images soften into abstractions; only close examination reveals the shape of a wheel or the outline of a letter. The home's polycarbonate cloak, similar to that used in greenhouses, will outlast paint and cost less than $2 per square foot. The billboards act as a secondary moisture barrier, but equally important, Neseth says, is a 1.5-inch gap between the polycarbonate exterior and the billboard lining. Mesh-covered openings at the base of the walls allow air to pass between the two, reducing potential for trapped moisture. Additionally, as sunlight heats the chamber, the air can be let into the house or vented into the attic as needed, a buffer against the cold Minnesota winters.
Metropolis, Aug 2004, p 48, by Joel Hoekstra. [This house is currently for sale. Info:
http://www.locusarchitecture.com ]

i love the idea...its hot. i'm all about re-use. i kind of envision this world where everything is kind of like a collage. but ummm, what is up with the 900,000.00 price tag though? is it written somewhere that only people who can afford it can have the luxury of sustainable design??? dude...less than $2 a square foot? somebody has GOT to use that in affordable housing! =)


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