PB dialogoue today

"If we become too post-black we’ll disappear "

true =). that's the problematic part. or maybe thats the point...???

"I don’t think it has a point other than a way for the machinery of art history and the art market to determine what’s in, what’s not, what’s too black, what isn’t about identity, what is just about art…putting this concept in the context of the 80s/90s discourse around identity politics and art, I think it allows critics, collectors, the public, etc. a way to access the work without confronting the blackness of the artist – “it’s just about art, not culture/identity” even though it appropriates and references the culture, but not in an “in your face” way. The question is how the artists see themselves in relation to this – I have an article that speaks to this that you should check out. "

i think its true though that it is more about the 'art machine' than the individual identity of people. however can they be separated is my question (the artist and the artwork----the person and the paradigm).

"Probably not…but people always separate whiteness from artwork, and only include it when it’s non-white…"



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