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titled: "Public Art Gets Relevant" the quote reads: no longer plop art...that's exactly it, it somewhat annoys me that public art is often times not more integrated with the built environment. i did a short internship with them working on the early stages ofthe Family Voices Austin project listed and photographed here a few years ago. the final product seems well deserving of the award and accolades. its definitely a defining experience, organization and piece in thinking about this relationship between public art and architecture as well the integration of art and critical narrative in the streetscape. there was recently a similar call for entries for a signage project in the International District here...which i'm pretty sure passed but will be very interested to see what comes out of it....

one thing about these art and community projects with "underserved" communities, i notice and am more and more sensitive to the fact that its rarely representatives from those communities that lead the projects. i don't think that is an absolute neccessity by any means, but i just wonder how an art project with african-american (mostly teen) mothers on the west-side of chicago would be different if lead by an artist who was also a black mother from an underserved neighborhood in chicago. just curious. maybe it wouldn't be different. i dunno.


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