african burial ground in NYC

"For all those who were lost,
For all those who were stolen,
For all those who were left behind,
For all those who are not forgotten"

-rodney leon of aarris architects entry

in a message from the cornell black alumni listserve from nicole hollant-denis of aaris:

For the past 14 years the GSA (General Service Administration) has been looking for the right way to memorialize the 20,000 plus Africans that had been laid to rest in lower Manhattan. These souls were individuals who were made slaves and lived a life of complete struggle until their death. This cemetery site, first created in 1790, has been slowly "forgotten" through time and was neglectfully covered by tall buildings and skyscrapers.

It wasn't until some 200 years after the first body was laid to rest that some remains were "discovered" and brought to the attention of the Dinkins administration in 1990. The GSA is now in the final stages of selecting the finalist for a competition process that has lasted almost a decade.

During this extremely important public comment period you're invited to view and comment upon all five finalist designs at one of the five venues throughout New York City. Please provide comments and suggestions on the African Burial Ground Response form available at the exhibition site or on the Web Site www.africanburialground.com (under the memorial section). All comments must be received by October 8, 2004.


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