culpepper rocks

can i just talk about how much i love my studio prof this quarter? he's the poo.

first of all i am ectstatic that i'm in the studio that gets to design the film building in the complex of buildings that all 5 studios are doing. i never thought about the connection between film and space/architecture and he is opening my eyes to all that. for instance the great quote by beatriz colomina , "Architecture is not simply a platform that accommodates the viewing subject. It is a viewing mechanism that produces the subject. It precedes and frames its occupant." (a great summary of colomina's work here) our first thing was to watch the film breathless by godard and represent at least a minute of film using architectural conventions (for instance using either section or plan). it challenged us to think beyond bodies moving in space but rather space moving through film. next task, i need to try to represent that drawing 3 dimensionally and start looking at the building program. anyway, i just appreciate his pedagogical approach. he's so humble, yet knowledgeable and inspiring. he's interested in what we think and how we think and in letting us play an active role in our own education as opposed to the just listening to the talking head idea... and he said, i believe that ultimately, you guys are the teachers, you are going to learn more from eachother than you will ever learn from me. how freirean of him!

my urban form class has turned out to be VASTLY disappointing. the subject matter is great but she's used the same powerpoint for the last 6 classes, i'm beginning to think that she's made the only point that she's going to make all quarter. i'm digging the idea of urban morphology and the significance of form in the built environment over function but i need more detail...and though keeping up with reading is a struggle, it would be NICE if we got more specific in class. sigh.


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