a day in the life

okay. i just went in to the main office at school to pick up a form. the man behind the desk, said, "weren't you here the other day looking for _________?" "yes, yes, i was" i replied with a smile.

"well, i told her, this VERY beautiful woman who looks like either a dancer or an actress was in here looking for her"...at this point i glanced down from his middle aged white hair, white face and hawaiian print shirt and noticed he was wearing an ankh that was like the size of a credit card. (oh lawd here we go...that's sweet but of course i look like i could be an entertainer...not a neurosurgeon).

nervous laugh. "um thanks" i said. "um what the hell are you talking about and where is this conversation going next" i thought.

"so, are you?" "am i what?" "are you a dancer or an actor" "actually, no," (trying to turn to leave)..."oh well i saw this BRILLIANT play, titled: for colored girls who've considered suicide/ when the rainbow was enuf in cleveland last week and the women were just SO gorgeous in that play".

"REALLY" i think. "really?" i said

you look like you could have been in that play"...i think, "i BET i do"..."have you seen it"..."no, i LIVE it" i think...well not the literal sense...but figuratively...WTF?

"actually no, but i have read it. i really like ntozake shange's work". "oh really...the actors had to be really talented...i've been in theatre for years and i know when shows are hard...its just so complex"..."oh, kind of like this conversation" i think. "so what's your name?" "yamani" "so you are in architecture?" "yeah, the 2nd yr of the 3yr masters" "i bet its hard" "oh you have NO idea" i think. "yep, sure is gotta run, bye!"


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