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whoa nelly. its past my bedtime and i have a six page quiz due in 3 days that i haven't nearly finished reading in preparation for let alone begun to write. i'm posting in an attempt to slow this roller coaster down for just a second...to pause and take note...before the real insanity begins.

first things first...i am starting to figure out the depths of my anti-social-ness. i'm sure there is a better way to say that but. damn. must every class have a group project??? i'm all for team-work and group participation and all that beautiful stuff but, i feel like being selfish right now. i need some ME time. i want to really explore and express the issues that i think are compelling in MY work without compromise...not figure out how to not disagree, or not step on toes or filter through and include every body's vision. ok enough venting...i realize it's suppose to be the whole real life simulation ish with the groups. riiiiiiiight.

so. the studio project this quarter is basically somewhat urban design focused. creating a master plan for a new arts campus (UWSVPA-university of washington school of visual and performing arts) in a historic and constantly reappropriating part of downtown seattle. we have to present 11 master plans on friday the 15th...and pick 4 to proceed with. after that, i suppose we will start designing individual components as a part of that campus. we are at this point supposed to keep our master plans somewhat still in the conceptual realm...what does the plan mean not what it looks like. i really would like to use julie mehretu as an influence here. i go back and forth with myself about whether her work is aesthetically appealing to me. but i am clear that her conceptual basis and the idea of her work is exciting and inspiring. on the most basic level the notion of layering, her use of architectural and urban planning representation techniques and ideas with drawing and painting techniques to communicate issues of power, history, and narrative seems like a perfect place to start in at the very least representing the plan if not thinking about how to pursue the plan...hopefully the group mtg. tomorrow will be fruitful and we will this time come up with something that everyone can live with...

at some point i have to write about hannah arendt...probably mostly in this quiz!...but i wasn't into everything that she espoused as i initially thought i was....i had some issues with some things. i suppose there is more to come on that once i figure out how to articulate.


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