crash and BURN.

final crit was today....ummm, sometimes its just not worth it to stay up the whole nights trying to finish. when you've lost so much sleep that your immune system has gone on strike and are so delirious that you don't know when to laugh or cry, presenting to 4 people you never met before who don't care how long you stayed up, or how hard it was no matter what the circumstances...is just not the best idea. i presented my building with about as much enthusiasm as a lima bean. and they reacted accordingly. strangely enough they thought my hand drawn elevations were beautiful and my cad drawn plans and sections should have been drawn by hand! geez, here i go trying to be more accurate and apparently end up still missing the mark in other ways. anyway, its over and i guess thats the best thing. our prof. gave us the pep talk at the end about how the intellectual rigor of the design matters more than what the drawings look like and how he was impressed with both but, still it sucks when you know you could do better. oh well, there's next quarter. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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