i forgot

how much i love get crafty described as the founder as a web zine devoted to radical craftiness—a feminist home economics site if you will (more). i went back to liz' feltcafe site, and first saw that she has now made some scarves which i love, they look all organic and deconstructed...love it. then i noticed that she now has a links page, which though i had seen many of them before got me all excited b/c it reminded me about them and how many DIY projects i have had ideas for over the years that all i have to do is DO something..anything with. after all the D in do it yourself is for DO. geez analysis paralysis is a mutha. kinda like the mound of frickin product packaging that i've been saving over the past year under my kitchen sink to make something out of. 2005 i'm busting out my cards made out of recycled packaging. its so simple and i love making mundane things extraordinary. why not, its worth a shot. i'll never forget the immortal wisdom of pedefile, r.smelly err...kelly, who said he makes like 20 songs a day. a DAY. and its like every 500th song that he gets an "i believe i can fly". i know, i can't believe i just quoted r.kelly. we'll address that later. more importantly, the point is that you can't just think about it, you have to produce. you have to be prolific even to get some good shit out of all that production.


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