my neglect of this blog is going to become even more profound in the next few weeks. however, over my 2 week break i'll be diligently posting. i realize nobody besides my loving cousins reads this thing...which is good in times like these. but subjects forthcoming. ..

-sketchy draft thesis abstracts
-afrofuturism ideas
-thoughts on book: Gender Space Architecture: An interdisciplinary introduction
-end of the year/beginning of the year reflections and what not.

until then, in the next 10 days i have: a 10 page paper, group presentation, individual presentation on a subject i've been learning about all quarter yet know NOTHING about (heating, ventilation and air conditioning, plumbing, human conveyance aka elevators etc.) and where this subject matter is placed in my building, a take home exam on a quarter's worth of reading that i have pretty much skimmed at best, AND a final presentation (insane amount of drawing to do) of my building which has taken every ounce of the time i have paid to academics while juggling this commuter marriage parenting thing which the commuter part of will thankfully be over also in 2 weeks. oh did i mention that my studio prof has been in singapore for the past 2 weeks and will not be back until the final review?!!? and somewhere in all this stuff, i have to fit in an installation on the edge/facade of this abandoned building in the international district here for my independent study. oh did i also mention that someone hit and ran me last week, (that doesn't sound right, but i'm talking about a car here) 1300. worth of damage! and that my dear child got a stomach virus unfortunately during the second to most critical time. next weekend being the absolute most critical time with review on 13th.

eyes on the prize: traveling to d.c and philly for holidays, and cant wait for my little sidebar pre new years getaway in NY. seeing family and friends.


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