where do i start

geez. i have finally returned home from my relaxing vaction but cruel imprisonment in the worlds slowest dial-up connection ever. there was no point in even attempting to post.

i guess i'll start with MOMA. i'll try not to dwell on the stress fracture i incurred from wearing stiletto boots for two days straight sun-up to sun-down while trapesing around new york on foot...when will i ever learn. anyway, this was my first time ever making it to MOMA so i was super excited to see the collection and the newly opened re-design of the building etc. first things first, i haven't been to all THAT many art museums, but even entering was like no experience i had before. we walked to the first entrance which literally had a line of like-no exaggeration-400 people trying to get in. luckily, we had tickets and could go around to the other entrance. which was also packed...maybe with about 200 people. the security clearly had no idea what do do with this type of traffic and stood around , ordering people to form a line...which turned the crowd into a straight up MOB. people were pushing, shoving, yelling...just pure insanity. it was like going to a concert for the band of the moment. this was all, in a way exciting to know that people care this much about seeing art. on the other hand i'll almost had to hurt a few people. long story short, we literally spent the entire day there (with a lunch and emergency flat comfortable shoe shopping break). though the building design was fairly impressive, the detailing and construction raised our eyebrows a bit. for a new, crisp, modern design the connections at base boards and handrails looked surprisingly sloppy and worn.

i found a few new favorite artists like, rachel whiteread who casts the negative space of architectural spaces. i now have a completely new respect for julie mehretu. seeing her work in person was profound. in books, it looks so flat and you don't get the sense of how HUGE they are. in person, i could see how each different type of mark making was on a completely different layer sealed with resin and sanded. i felt like there was so much information and depth there that i could just sit there for hours looking at this one piece taking it all in. trying to comprehend it all...i mean, i had read about how each of the marks in her mind are different characters in a narrative about human struggle...but to see how they all were composed together and get the energy, conflict was worth the $20+ ticket right there. we just happened to run into glen ligon on our way into the museum the second time which was super cool =). i was a bit salty to see that they only other black person in the entire museum besides security and staff was a professional artist...but i guess a part from the $20 it costs per person to get in, the interest and relevance to people's everyday lives is i guess just not there =(.


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