(gulp) got a job. working for a woman here who has a small business out of her home. she mostly does remodels. i'm excited because its a fairly flexible and relaxed arrangement, yet i will get good experience and learn a ton. it reminds me of when i started working with my scenic painting mentor dorian sylvain. i was sixteen and my mom introduced me to her through a mutual friend. she was a set designer in community theater and was quick to allow me to tag along everywhere she went. i have been fortunate in life to encounter people such as dorian who took a special interest in me for a period of time, for whatever reason and mentored me in one way or another, and i feel like this could be one of those relationships. i am very thankful.


Blogger mad architect said...

I held a similar job a while back. Its amazing because the office (laundry room really) was so small - we were involved in every aspect of design & construction. The owner of the company was a bit of a hard ass - but hey if you have people in your house all the time its understandable

Blogger yamani said...

thats funny. i'm a little late with responding to this, i just realized i could change the settings to be emailed when people post. and i don't know if you're notified when i respond but...yeah as graduation approaches, i can't quite determine what the best course is...larger firm? smaller firm? everyone seems to say you get better experience in a smaller firm, but does that equate to less $? should it matter?


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