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the south lake union presentation pavillion by miller/hull we made a site visit to friday. the best thing was that the building is designed to be relocated and reused. The bolted assemblies and envelope components are detailed to disengage and separate the building into smaller sections.

after this visit, i was thinking how much i liked the scale of that project. and how i'm really enjoying the scale of the residential project i'm designing for studio. kind of made me feel like i'd just like to have a practice completely centered around small (one story 500-2000 sq.ft.) buildings. the economy of size and materials is very comfortable. because its more intimate, it seems to have more power to me. upon deciding to study architecture, i had initally thought any professional practice i might be involved in would have to be institutional...in order to address 'public interest' issues, i'd mostly be involved in firms that design public buildings...libraries, schools, homeless shelters etc. i am still interested in serving those populations but i think i realize that i would have to work at more of a community scale...like, a 'branch' library or....i dunno something like that. i cant see getting all wrapped up in the bureaucracy of humongous civic buildings. maybe affordable single family housing or something. but the trick i suppose is finding funding for something a little more individual, and innovative. though there are some great affordable work like the homes that come out of rural studio , usually affordable translates to cookie cutter and ugly for cost efficiency.


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