“Since the early 1990s I have been making Streetworks that are conceived, constructed and confined to specific sites. These
works are made from materials found in the street and begin as a reaction to things and places. …The remaking continues to unfold in unknown ways as other processes take over when the work is then placed back on the streets.” -sullivan

“Sullivan challenges our assumptions about what constitutes research practices and in doing so presents a ground-breaking analysis for visual arts practice as research. This compelling image-text book opens the possibilities for the construction of new forms of knowledge in our increasingly visual world.”
—Dipti Desai, New York University

this work seems really relevant to the work i did for for independent study credit last quarter that i'm writing about for column 5 (the department architecture's journal) need to post that stuff. except some of his stuff seems a little too basic and haphazard. there is a proliferation of "street-inspired" work out here nowadays....some of it i appreciate, and some of it, i'm like, what the hell...just doing shit alone on the street isn't significant. i suppose its the intention and what you think it is you're doing that makes a difference. i'm all about the 'anti-art' but still there's definitely "good" and "bad" 'street art"...whatever good and bad means. i suppose good meaning... interesting, maybe even moving in someway. bad meaning...just haphazardly there, pointless, boring. i suppose good and bad are always subjective and relative. party's over tonight.


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