approaching my would be thesis chair

me: "exactly!"

dr. sesut:

I would be especially interested in this if it were to continue the Girls World idea. We've talked to a lot of youth groups this year about how kids assert their voice in an adult world that marginalizes them. A few are about claiming space (as in an LGBTQ group in Greenwich Village) but most are using 2-D forms of communication (lots of zines, several mainstream newspapers that publish stories by youth, video, etc). It would be interesting to think about how this can happen three-dimensionally.

On Apr 11, 2005, at 10:13 AM, Yamani Hernandez wrote:

my ideas are somewhat sketchy but i want to do something around identity and flexible/parasitic ideas of urbanism. i do want it to be more 'scholarly' than design based but i do want a design component. the design is more conceptual however...than 'practical' in the traditional sense. i do want to write a really good thesis and i haven't done much academic writing so i thought this would be a good time to work on that. you were really good at steering me with the DJH/In a Girls World final report so this seems to be one of your strong suits. however, we have not really worked together creatively and given that i would like to have a design component to my thesis. i feel like, creatively, i "gelled" with my studio prof. last quarter jay deguchi and then there's jim nicholls who seems to be generally interested in my ideas and the whole blurring the line between public art and architecture. neither of them are on graduate faculty though. i wondered if they (one or both) could be involved in advising me as well especially with the design aspect. i dont have a specific "question" though and need help with that. but generally i want to know if architecture can be subversive and an act of resistance as i think it can...and how can it address social issues. i was immediately drawn to this project http://postsecret.blogspot.com/ because of the to the power and importance of telling these > secrets..it amazed me how many had to do with gender, violence, race. i thought about designing (possibly building) a series of > small, 'folly-type, creatively detailed, strategically placed > 'confessional booths' for people to enter and express/address their > experiences with identity. i want to combine the written work with the > design work b/c i would like to use architectural design as a tool for > inquiry, along the lines of graeme sullivan (columbia/art education, who maintains that Art Practice is a form of > Research: that Inquiry in the Visual Arts presents a compelling > argument that the creative and cultural inquiry undertaken by artists > is a form of research. his text explores themes, practices, and > contexts of artistic inquiry and positions them within the discourse > of research. i'm coming at it from more of an architecture standpoint. something like that. i at one point thought about trying to connect it back to the In a girls world thing (my project intended to address girls perceptions about the politics of place) by maybe limiting the target group to 'girls' and their experiences and involving girls in the design of > it....or somehow having real people inform the process...> > i dunno, i'm just rambling at this point, and i don't even know if i'm > communicating clearly...so just let me know if in > general you are interested in exploring this, or if i should talk to > someone else...so i can get started with that.


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