scary drugs.

vicodin is some scary shiat. ear/throat pain was KILLING me....no literally i thought i was going to die. dr. prescribed vicodin. um, no more pain, but i still feel like i'm going to die and its been 36 hrs since i took it...this stuff is getting flushed. whoa. not. cool.

on a separate and unrelated note, does anybody find a movie with an asian man playing a dog/slave in the new jet li movie just the least problematic? i know that i tend to overanalyze but...would that screen play have sold if it were an equally talented martial artist who also fought back and was not a person of color? maybe. just curious, how much ethnic identity plays in the attraction of the movie...albeit subconscious...for some.


Anonymous Your Anonymous Cousin said...

Yo dont flush it, that stuff is worth some $$ on the skreet. You could give it to me. In fact, i can honestly say that for me, it actually went well with Jet Li movies... LOL.

Blogger yamani said...

thats funny! so i've heard! whats not so funny is i might have these bitches out...my tonsils that is.=(

Blogger mad architect said...

I agree with your thoughts about the "pop" interest as placed by race and ethnicity. I typically look at similar aspects granted more towards architecture - a veitnam war memorial competition won by a veitnamese.

Blogger yamani said...

cutti-yeah i'm interested in that idea too, so what are other examples like that with race and ethnicity and architecture? resources? come to any conclusions? =)

Blogger mad architect said...

I find the funniest to be albert spear jr competition proposal for a jewish memorial (this was I think in the early 80s) that was conveniently pulled. Or even the fact that he's best mates with Eisenman - and that associaton is apparently press worthy. People make associations that should encourage community and friendship instead only create differentiations - gets a little tiring after a while, let the work speak for itself


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