black people love us

oh really? i'm in btw. classes so i don't have time to comment on this but i thought i would throw it up here for reactions in the meantime.

internet art? does the identity of the author matter? offensive insanity or creative satirical commentary? on what exactly? does it matter?

my gut reaction=W.R.O.N.G. i will count the ways for you, um...later....

take two, a little more:

there's a link to a NYT article here
( i can't find the original article.) i guess this circulated a while ago. again, i'm late and obvlivious. but the authors described this project as social activism. the italian and jewish siblings with a black step-mom argue, "There is a mistake that people have made about the division of labor, It's like racism is something only people of color can think about. Feminism is something only women can think about. But it's important for white people to get involved in the critique too."

i agree that the conversations should not be onesided and should be holistic but...a lot of things have to be considered also, the medium, the audience etc...
on another note, i guess black people love us is along the lines of damali ayo's rent-a-negro.com. damn artists. always stirrin shit up =). i think its interesting how this stuff gets integrated into the lives general public...does it go over as just another random forward in somebody's inbox...for instance what's the conversation between me my grandma when it shows up in her inbox. these guys also did that rejection line thing. i know people who use it and have no idea that its tongue in cheek, or art, or commentary on the "democratic potential of the internet" or anything.

paretti started or is involved in this rather compelling organization eyebeam


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