pocket property

i'm fast at work on the case study i'm doing for my architecture and the landscape course...we could either analyze our studio project...or an 'architectural' project which addresses some of the issues we have discussed in class about the "transgression and fluidity of architecture and landscape" (those are jeff hou's words). i chose to look at one of these "is it architecture?/or is it art?" type projects that i'm obsessed with. so, i'm analyzing Andrea Zittel's "pocket property" c.2000 which is essentially a building and a land mass which she builds and inhabits as social commentary. on her site she writes:

The A-Z Pocket Property was in part a result of a true desire to create my own personal “intimate universe”. But it is also a dark humored commentary on the way in which our culture constructs and then capitalizes on a human desire for freedom, autonomy, and isolation. Living in American suburbs makes one aware of how land is "packaged" as a consumable product and sold off like products on a supermarket shelf. Likewise, in some futuristic manifestation, the Pocket Property is foreseeable as a product, which could be mass-produced to satisfy peoples craving to be in control of their own intimate universes.

strange bungalow indeed.


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