ruby osorio

i just read the new issue of art papers and i'm feelin this girl. i think i'll add her to my side bar next to Ghada.

she appropriates "girliness" and stereotypical ideas of femininity to communicate a sort of "every thing is not as it seems" sense of reality. if you look closer at the images. the article talked about how she teeters on the "outsider art" realm and the more "high art" scene. which is a concept i have yet to fully comprehend...but...

i like seeing work like this and reading about artists like this because it gives me some inspiration that interdisciplinary interests can be reconciled and communicated in a creative means...thats the thing about art...it can be personal...yet relevant to other people's experience.

i don't know if architecture is "personal"...i mean, it is subjective in the sense that we bring our personal and culturally derived aesthetics to the design...but ultimately its for other people. whereas art you can make for yourself and care less what other people think...not that i wouldn't b/c i just care too much in general. but the expectation is that architecture has to be "responsible" to the public. not that i want to 'disregard' the public...i'm all about the public!

anyway, i digress. ruby is hot. i 'm feelin ruby. lately, i've been thinking that an academic career could give me the kind of hybridity and freedom i'm looking for. i could be disillusioned...but perhaps a ph.d. is next. in what though? so far i have my eye on these two: CUNY environmental psychology and i'm kinda digging this Ed.D. program at Columbia in art & art education because it is equally art practice as in actually creating real tangible work be it built or whateva....but the thing is, i would be coming from more of a public art for public education/consciousness raising standpoint not really the k-12 thing so i have to figure out if that fits.


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