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Yay! they FINALLY got a website! i interned with them for a like a month or so 5-6 yrs ago...working on the early stages of this project. they are definitely one of my examples of the kind of work i could see myself doing. i was younger, and even less clear than i am now about where i was going with this interdisciplinary thing so i don't think it turned out to be a mutually beneficial experience but i have kept them on my radar...and wished it had been more or that i could somehow get back involved.

anyway, i'm contemplating coming up with an echoing green application to start a public art/architecture/service/advocacy org like some of the ones i've mentioned in previous posts but with a 'twist'....but there's always the dilemma, what's the best use of your energy? do you start something new, or join the efforts of something existing.

2 chicago related posts in one day. my roots must me calling me...


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I really liked "Happy birthday to me too [damnit!]"


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