"bitch i made it"

-that's what it says on the dumpster right out front of my new residence. if i weren't having problems using the newish picture function in blogger i'd post it b/c you know i took a picture. those random eloquent sharpie scrawled non sequitur's always make me smile. i should probably be offended or annoyed that people are writing stupid shit on private property but i'm not =). what was that person thinking?

anyway yes, i actually AM alive. in the past solid 2 weeks since i last posted, i've been packing and moving. i have finally moved and and perpetually trying to find stuff. i have a lot to post...i guess. this is just something to stall...but coming, frontespieces and thoughts on individual lamps from ruskin's seven lamps of architecture around which my theory class is oriented. sketches and pics of mock up for furniture...bought wood yesterday. perhaps i'll get to that tomorrow morning. my DSL connection got lost in the move...

my friend liz has a blog about her participatory design studio in taiwan this summer...check it out =).


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