"Mapping Blackness: Black to the Future"

my friend amanda is doing an art project involving using public participation in "mapping blackness". here is her call:

I need your help with an art project I'm currently working on for an exhibit entitled AFROFUTURISM.

My piece will be called " Mapping Blackness: Black to the Future"...

If you had to draw a map to where the AFROFUTURE is located what would that map look like?

If you feel so inclined, email me your rendition (scan, rendering),

or mail a paper copy to my studio (2323 magnolia st. #6, oakland, ca 94607)

If you're ambitious, try to use only email itself...lines, dots letters to 'draw'...

If you don't want to draw electronically or the old fashioned way, then please include written directions that other blacks could use to get to where you're talking about.

I need these as soon as possible by Aug. 5.

Feel free to pass this on to any others that may be willing to participate.

amanda williams

Opens September 10, 2005
Minneapolis, MN
visit: www.soapfactory.org for details

or obsidian arts
Afrofuturism - September 10 – October 23
Collaboration with No Name Exhibitions @ The Soap Factory. This exhibition explores the artistic side of black visual culture in the distant future. A national call for artists has resulted in artistic ideas that will cause people the reconsider the assumptions about black people in the future. A series of six informational workshops for the participating artists by black futurists will help inform their creations.


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