one of my professors emailed today about the blogs. he read this one for just about the entire year its been in existence. more than just flattering, i was very excited about this for educational reasons. he surely has many other important things to do with his time...than sit there and read about the random things i deem important enough to post about. i don't know if any other prof.s have looked at it but i think this is a testament to his character if not many of the prof.s here. for the most part, we don't have the sterotypically, crazy out there aloof architecture teachers who are so self absorbed they don't know your name. taking it a step further to take an interest in and dialogue about student interests beyond the classroom is really special. or maybe i'm just corny....and sleepy as usual =)...but he did get the lionel pries excellence in teaching award multiple years so i think i'm on point w/this.


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