RIP Tombol

i mourn the tragic loss of a little brother. not my little brother but it easily could have been as sensless as this crime was. Tombol was the brother of a dear highschool friend Samil whom i deeply loved back then but was too immature to appreciate. i only knew Tombol as a little boy but i remember that he was a sweet as pie and too adorable for words. i always had tremendous respect and admiration for the Malik family...and i regret that our friendship disintegrated in my tumultuous college years. i learned of this tragedy several weeks ago but it keeps creeping into my mind and keep revisiting the blog in his memory, as if it somehow keeps him alive. today i read notes from his own brothers, samil and sati and wept for them and siblings and mothers in pain everywhere. in the midst of my random arty/archi/anti-archi musings, i just wanted to publicly acknowledge this terrible terrible loss.

update 9/29/05:
i debated removing this post to take care of all these*** unsolicited commenters*** from people unwilling to even identify themselves. after all my blog is not focused on this issue. for the most part i believe in free speech so you're free to have your opinion in my eyes...but make sure you're responding to the post please??!!? i didn't say who was right or wrong...i don't know. the point is whatever the case its still senseless for all involved and it is a loss. please be mature and have respect for my memory. i didn't place blame or speak negative on the other parties involved...b/c first off thats not me. and secondly I WASN'T THERE I DON'T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED. i'm speaking to my memory of a little boy that i never knew as an adult whatever the circumstances.


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