katrina clap

2 years ago when i mentioned to my coworker at a feminist social change oriented foundation, that i wanted to go to school for architecture, her response was, "i just don't get that...what does the world need with more architects". Though it always rubbed me the wrong way, because i knew that it was probably a popular opinion within the social change community it particularly sticks out in my mind as i look at the devastation in new orleans and literally having to rebuild an entire city, all i can think of is, on a purely practical level, what more of a critical need for architects is there? i got a message today forwarded from the president of NOMA discussing their efforts. also were responses from archinect and the aia and architecture for humanity.

on a not so practical level but a more mystic one. is anyone as freaked out about how similar this is to the reconstruction era? all these black people displaced? without having anything to call their own? what the hell? where did the last several hundred years go?

secondly not so related to rebuilding. but, i am beyond annoyed and outraged by middle and upper class people who don't know shiat about being poor blaming poor people for being poor. that's all i'll say about that...i'll have to start another blog for further ranting in that area.


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