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feeling this newish blog. i wish there were a way to network with these various folk doing, interested in a lot of the same stuff...i like the way she(??) has weekly interviews. imagine that...a system. organization =).i started wanting to be organized in such a way...anyway kudos!


Blogger Bridger said...

As the class instructor here in Minnesota I am glad you have referenced the "achtivist architect" blog on Strange Bungalow. Your interview with them is now posted on their blog and after reading it, I am very much impressed with your commitment and values. I would be interested in following your thesis work as it progresses and will check your blog periodically. If you visit the master blog (storiesinpractice) linked from the activist blog, you will find some posts and links to interesting books and ideas about professional practice and entrepreneurship that might be liberating and not be so stultifying as you think about architects and their potential to contribute. Thank you for participating in our blog project.

Blogger yamani said...

thanks for the reference.the stories in practice blog is indeed informative. i had to go back and look up stultifying...thats one of those GRE words =).

tr.v. stul·ti·fied, stul·ti·fy·ing, stul·ti·fies

1. To render useless or ineffectual; cripple.
2. To cause to appear stupid, inconsistent, or ridiculous.
3. Law. To allege or prove insane and so not legally responsible.

i don't think architects potential to contribute is 'stultifying' quite the contrary, i think architects potential to contribute is quite vast...thats actually what i was trying to express. i just think that social change is not a part of the popular conception of architecture. i took an ethics in professional practice course that dealt with how the profession has wrestled with the role of the architect in society, so i realize that this is not a new or simplistic issue. however it is still hard to figure out one's place in the "professional" realm having such values.

i only post periodically so checking periodically is probably a good thing =).hopefully i wont disappoint =).

Blogger Bridger said...

Oh, that's what I get for using one of those GRE words, sounded good at the time. Here's what meant; "To diminish somebody’s interest and liveliness of mind by being repetitive, tedious, and boring." What I am referring to is the ineffectiveness of typical text books and lessons plans for studying "professionl practice" to tell the rich "story" of practice. I couldn't agree with you more about the vast potential for architects to contribute. What I hope is that the blog project will provide links to resources, ideas, books and people not typically presented to students in this course and thus create a web of knowledge far greater than any single instructor or student can build on their own. The fact that I am posting on your blog is a testament to its potential. You should know by following activist architect that you have plenty of company in your values and not alone in their pursuit.

I'd welcome any comments on any of the posts in the main blog, "Stories in Practice" but don't feel obliged.
Good luck again.


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