Cyndie::Girls' Best Friend

last week i was one of the many people who said goodbye to Cynthia Mclachlan, founder and sole benefactor of feminist social change focused, Girls Best Friend Foundation, Chicago, IL. i got to see her one last time while she was in the hospital 5 blocks from my house. in a video the friends, staff, former staff etc. made for her before she died...among other things i told her: that i always thought of her as personable and compassionate yet strong and no nonsense. my favorite thing about her is that she was a risk taker and that she made profoundly powerful choices...not just financial ones but life choices. knowing her and knowing of her has inspired me to live boldly and unapologetically yet keep a critical eye and always question what i can do to affect change. For this I am very grateful.

read more about cyndie here, and here.


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