"girl scouts beyond bars": architecture badge

somewhere in the midst of last week i managed to get down to white center to hang out/present/meet a girl scout troop comprised of girls who's moms are incarcerated. they were fast at work on the architecture badge. it took maybe about an hour and a half of my time...and i was so happy that i did it. we get so consumed by our lives and how busy we are and we have to remember to take time for these things. they were thrilled to meet me, had a ton of questions and were surprisingly impressed by my first year drawings that i showed them =). most people think of girl scouts as ultra cheezy. but misc. issues aside i have to give them props on their wide range of programs and activities for girls...many of which are empowering and quite progressive...they have truly addressed the current day and age. i especially appreciate that they are not all about the suburban cookie sale thing and reach out to girls that are underserved...such as homeless girls, girls in juvenile detention and these delightful young women who have an incarcerated mom.


Blogger mad architect said...

That was so cool Yamani, I think alot of people talk about giving back but many times the recipients are usually not that much in need. But I think you scored one for future generations. I think you just earned your badge as well - of honour that is.


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