one small project

from the front page:

"One billion leftover people--typically called squatters, self-builders, slum dwellers, informal settlers, or displaced persons (it's a big category)--claim leftover spaces in cities and live in unauthorized dwellings made of scavenged, leftover materials. If you know even one of the one billion, you've been touched by her or his life, even if briefly and reluctantly.

Now, I build small projects alongside architects, architecture students, artists, designers and the world's working and urban poor, believing I have much to learn from them and my knowledge regarding architecture and design might have relevance in their lives.

Community activists, filmmakers, industrial designers, preservationists, writers, sculptors, photographers, architects, and many others are engaged as well, building more for others, wanting less for themselves."

i saw this on architechnophilia and maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan.!!! the content is SUCH a big part of my thesis. this totally frickin made my day as i wallow in literature review on activist art, activist architecture, interdisciplinary architecture/art/activist practice. dude. i'm bowing down right now...i needed to see this like 2 months ago, but i'm so glad i ran across it now. a little jolt of inspiration kicks ass.

"Send us your work if leftover people, leftover spaces, and leftover materials are what you do. We'd like to include it on this website and in the forthcoming book"...i'm all over this like stank on do0-dOo.