tangled angles

for the weekend in seattle check out:

“Tangled Angles: An Installation and Performance” by: hipposchemes

Live at Sweatshop Inc.
One night only, Saturday Dec. 3rd
Performed throughout the night from 8-10 p.m.
1202 E. Pine St. Suite B

"Tangled Angles is an installation and performance piece where the functional lines of cloth and thread meld with flowing movement to produce a visual amalgam of form and function, chaos and order, life and art."

hipposchemes is the power house team of helga and javar who salvage just about anything to make it new and funky. check out their shop the instore stuff is hot its all one of a kind and totally original. last spring helga made me this awesome skirt for the beaux arts ball from some remnants from some old pants, blouses and skirts.


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