Temporary Services

another important org and resource...passed on from wes janz from one small project. who i contacted and in a twisted world of fate was a student of my mentor and thesis chair sharon sutton at michigan. he seems very friendly and suggested submitting something from my thesis for one small project and i think i will as soon as i figure out the best piece.

speaking of thesis i now have a new title. instead of "typologies of resistance in the built environment: intersections of architecture, art and activism"....its "resisting the commodification of built form: a critical approach to activist architecture" it might get further tweaked but thanks to dr. sutton, i think it reflects the whole theoretical framework portion i just wrote based on critical theory.

anyway, back to temporary services. i was especially taken by their upcoming show on prison inmate inventiveness. 5 years ago at cornell, i was volunteering with two writers at two prisons in upstate new york. we were working on a show called "art across walls". they were doing a writing/journal piece and i was supposed to teach some art classes. the men we were working with ended up teaching me! they were amazing. the things that they built and made were ingenious. we had one guy who painted davinci like masterpieces on used envelopes with a nail and paint he mixed himself using all kinds of substances...one of which i think involved nail polish. there was even a whole spiritual aspect to the work as all of the guys were native american and had to make objects for their ceremonies out of found objects. unfortunately as a result of our project attention was brought to the guys creativity and wasn't received well by guards who destroyed thing that the guys made. strangely enough, though one of the facilities was maximum security and the other was medium security and everyone was afraid of me participating...the only hostility i ever got was from the guards. if you're in the area...looks like something worth checking out.


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