in my inbox today: the race museum

an exciting new project called the Race Museum, a traveling exhibit of interactive and participatory anti-racist art. Please check it out at www.racemuseum.org

"We have chosen art as the medium for our work in an attempt to deepen intellectual analyses of race as well as identify the emotional, psychic and spiritual impact white supremacy has had on our lives.

We are presently commissioning 5 new pieces of interactive and participatory anti-racist art and are offering $1000 for each piece.

In March 2006 the Race Museum will begin touring the east coast. In addition we will hold complimentary workshops designed to give participants tools to analyze institutional and cultural racism as well as understand how their identities have been shaped by white supremacy.

This is a big project and we would love your help:

- Do you know artists who would be interested in participating in our
Call for Entry? This is a great opportunity to be paid for something
there are precious few dollars for, despite the enormous passion many
of us have for this issue.

- How about activist friends? Activists and artists run in similar
circles and if you don't know an artist who would love to try out,
your activist contacts might. Word of mouth is extremely powerful and
networking, more than anything else, will make this project a success.

- Do you write a blog or have your own website? Would you be willing
to write about the Race Museum or put a link on your site?

- Do you belong to artist or activist listservs? Would you be willing
to post this announcement, especially the Call for Entry for the

- Do you or your organization publish a newsletter? Would you be
willing to insert a blurb about the Race Museum and include the web
address? I would be happy to help write a description that would fit
into any available space you might have.

Critical Mass is a nonprofit, self-formed visual arts collaborative
dedicated to promoting, enhancing and initiating contemporary visual
art in the St. Louis region."


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I'll put a link up. Is there a press release to go with it?


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