Foresight Design Initiative

tonight in chicago:

Nine enterprising interns from Oberlin College and the Institute of Design were recently thrown into the deep end of several sustainability-related projects here in Chicago. Participants in Foresight's Urban Sustainable
Design Studio, they have spent the past four weeks devising insights into some significant sustainability challenges. Did they sink, swim or manage to levitate? You're invited to decide for yourself by attending their final presentations on:

Monday, January 30th
Jefferson Tap & Grille (325 N. Jefferson)
FREE admission, cash bar/food

Their projects included assignments with the City's Department of Planning and Development, the Museum of Science and Industry, and a local sustainability-minded business, as well as two Foresight initiated exercises. The evening will include concise formal presentations, a chance to meet the interns, and time to mingle with like-minded peers.

i might join their: "believe chicago" and "foresight design" email lists which are described as:

A moderated, central source for information about sustainability-related events, jobs, and issues relevant to the Chicagoland area, including announcements of upcoming Chicago Green Drinks and Smart Business Hour gatherings. Volume is kept to a minimum; most postings are compiled into the weekly e-newsletter.

Foresight Design Email List
Interested in sustainable design in whatever guise? This list includes posts about issues, events, etc. related to this emerging field.


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