stuff i saw this weekend

Hyde Park Art Center

their new building designed by doug garafolo right around the corner from one of my old higschools. he has a special interest in incorporating digital technology and architecture. i went for the open house but didnt get to see the "LED" facade thingy pictured. nice mix of design innovation with a down to earth community building. i wonder how the multifamily residential bldg accross the street feels about the LED but i assume its not that bright. despite the fact that it was an open house...the bldg was a ways from finished so...i'll have to take a trip back when its really done.

i also drove by and checked out this bldg. for the southshore drill team by john ronan (who's work i recently discovered and rather like)

have to go back with my camera and get a picture of the real bldg to post and also the context to see how wild it is to see a bldg like this where it is.

imagine living right next door...

my mom used to own a single family rehab project across the street from here. sounds odd right...the opposite side of the street is all single family homes. but the strip is really industrial with a lot of commercial bldgs. the bldg is exciting no doubt. again for a community bldg to be innovative always a plus. i don't like its treatment of the main street though...there aren't many windows at eyelevel and its a humongus wall. but props for taking risks and doing something different in the 'hood.


Blogger John said...

I was in Hyde Park over the weekend, so I stopped by the Arts Center. First, I'm surprised they not only had their grand opening but that they had their occupancy permit. I'm amazed they could open to the public with so much work not yet done...a lot of it not cosmetic either. It was hard to get an overall impression of the project in that state. Looks like I'll have to go back later in the summer.

Have you seen the Little Black Pearl's extension nearby? It's a pretty stunning atrium space, that's also well integrated with the existing corner storefront building. I couldn't get inside, but what I saw was impressive.


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