"you should call yourself an 'artitect' or something"

this is a quote from one of my thesis interviews.

it pops up in my mind #1 cuz i'm feverishly writing the conclusions to my thesis and #2 because as i consider my future employment it seems like a poignant consideration. so for financial reasons i pretty much need to start working immediately following graduation. but the thing is i have pretty much found it absolutely nerve wracking to work on finishing my thesis AND look for a job (which involves also working feverishly on my portfolio). so mid-june FT employment? yeah...not going to happen. in the mean time, i am going to spend the summer being an "artitect" of sorts. I'll be the lead artist on a project with the chicago park district (humbolt park in particular) working with a group of teens in an investigation of tectonic sculptural renewable energy proposals inspired by wind turbines. I'm excited to see where this goes. I'm hoping to take this project outside the park and do some wind activated "interventions" in the built environment.

"however comma" (as my sis would say) what happens after that? i had an interview last week and one this next week. i've sent some stuff out to a few firms who's ethics and philosophies i really believe in like landon bone baker who is so actively involved in archi-treasures and the highschool architecture curriculum (which i also really believe in) but by and large i am finding it a little hard to find firms that i really want to work for...i'm also not doing an exhaustive search either. i mean there are a number of boutique architecture firms who's work i really enjoy aesthetically...and there are several others that do affordable housing stuff but i am sort of looking for something in the middle i guess...or something else all together. there's always joining the carpenter apprenticeship program and learning how to become a contractor...there is a community driven construction company (humbolt construction company owned by bickerdike redevelopment corporation) around the neighborhood that i might try to get up with.


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