BSA Research Grants in Architecture

This program supports original research projects that clearly delineate a proposed research methodology. It encourages projects that investigate the definition of architecture research, as a proposed topic in itself and also in relation to any proposed topic of research. Projects that are not original research and/or that duplicate research already completed or underway will not be funded. We are interested in innovative, practice-based and practice-oriented research that expands the definition of research in the profession and the industry (e.g., research that is genuinely multi-disciplinary, not solely academic, etc.). We encourage proposals that bring together those in practice and in academia, either by including professionals and academics on the project team, providing opportunity to engage students through research studio projects, or by other means of joining research efforts across the field of architecture.

Submissions from anyone interested in supporting and contributing to this expanded knowledge base are encouraged. Grants in amounts up to $10,000 to individuals, collaborative teams or organizations (and up to $2,000 for students) are possible. Up to $10,000 may also be awarded to support research studio projects. We expect to award approximately $75,000 in funds in the 2006 grant cycle. Applicants must currently live in the U.S. to qualify for these grants.


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