"What happens in an exhibition where the traditional boundaries—between art and activism, theory and practice, origin and diaspora, science and aesthetics—are not an organizational theme, but a point of departure? Imagine a space that takes us beyond the “in-between” and toward the generation and practice of viable integrations of art, history, math, science, theory, practice and activism. We seek submissions of visual and performance-based work that complicates, negates, exceeds, or reflects the gray areas between and within academic disciplines, theoretical models, and methods of creative production. Submissions from a variety of disciplines and areas of study/practice are encouraged. The exhibition will be an integral part of the TRANS Visual Culture Conference at the UW-Madison in October 2006. See http://www.visualculture.wisc.edu/Conference/call.htm for submission directions and complete exhibition description. Direct any questions to visualculture@education.wisc.edu" DUE 8/15